2016 - 2017 Final Game

Doyle’s VS Perfection, after holding perfection to one goal in the first game, Jeff Wyer repeated his previous performance. The Doyle’s boys pounded Perfection’s defense from the initial drop of the game. Perfection played hard for the entire game, but they were unable to stop Doyle’s offense. The boys in orange got several shots on goal all three periods. As mentioned above they were all rebuffed by Mr. Wyer. The boys in red kept the pressure on Perfection’s defense the entire game. Their defense cleared the puck from their zone with great passing. Perfection had several offensive rushes throughout the game placing multiple shots on goal. The third period saw the boy’s in orange get desperate. They stepped up their offense which the Doyle’s boys handled. There was an unfortunate incident near the end of the third, one of the Perfection boys got called for an intent to injury penalty resulting in his removal from the game and receiving a one game suspension. He will miss the first game of the upcoming season.

Player safety is our prime concern. We cannot allow our players to become injured because of unthinking behavior by another player. Our rules are designed to maintain this environment for all  the players in our league. The referees know the rules and enforce the on ice infractions. John takes care of all the other incidents. We expect that our teams know our rules and will abide by them at all times.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.