2017 - 2018 Season

For the next month or so our games will start at 6:30. Once High School Hockey starts that may change. Be sure that you get your portion of the fee to your captain each week, one tenth of your total is due each week. Your team must be paid in full by week 10. Teams that are not paid in full will forfeit future games until the balance is paid.

League News

The cost of running the league goes up every couple of years mostly because the ice cost goes up. We can not run our league without having all our teams paying the full amount of their fee.The referee's and time keeper p ay has not increased for several seasons.

Six team league

Unfortuneatley we lost two teams over the summer. It also mean that we will play fewer games. Therefore each game will be more important for the overall standings. Forefited games become more of a problem for a teams standing. The loss of these two teams will make the compition for first place greater, as only the stronger teams remain.

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