Rules and Regulations


The following rules are strictly enforced:


An attendance sheet listing the players present for that game and the shirt # they are wearing is required for each game.

It should be given to the time keeper before the game starts,


Games will start 3 minutes after

the Zamboni leaves the ice surface regardless of whether or not the teams are ready to play. If only one teams is not ready, that team will be assessed a

bench minor penalty. If after the 6 minute point of the period the team remains not ready the team will be assessed a forfeit and must pay total ice cost.


No fighting. Fights will result in the suspension of the player(s) for a minimum of 1 game. Further infractions will result in an increase in the number of suspensions up to a total of 3 games. A repeat of the offense after a 3 game suspension will result in removal

from the league for at least one season. Fighting during the play downs,

semifinals and finals will result of suspensions for the rest of the series.


Players can only play on one team. No player should be rostered on more than one team. Use of a player on another team is restricted to an emergency situation when you are scheduled for a game and you only have four players. To avoid a forfeit, with written permission from your opponent, you may request a player from another team to play in that game. Only enough players to give you a 5 man squad can be used. Any other use of players from another team will result in a forfeit.


Control of your sticks is mandatory, no chopping, slashing or spearing. infractions will result in a minimum of a 2 game suspension with the possibility of season suspension. The same goes with butt ending


This is a no check league. As an adult league we feel that there is absolutely no need for hitting of any kind. The same consequences for fighting are applied to this offense.


Penalties: Minor penalties will be 1:30 minutes, majors will be 6 minutes.

Four penalties in one game will result in a game misconduct. Disqualifications*

result in the player being suspended for a minimum of one game. Any player who

receives 5 misconducts in a season, will be suspended from play for at least

one season.


Abuse (physical or verbal) of officials is not tolerated. As above the first infraction results in a one game

suspension. Subsequent offenses result in the same eventual removal from the



Running time will be in effect in the third period if there is a 6 goal lead by one team. It will remain in effect until the difference is reduced. If there have been 18 penalties in a game the clock will run for the remainder of the game.


* Disqualifications may be appealed. The player should submit a formal request to the league management

which specifies the reason for the appeal and requesting a meeting.


Any team that is a no show for a scheduled game will assume the total cost for the ice. As it is not fair to the

team that did show up, not only will the no show team be assessed the total ice

cost for that hour, but they will incur a loss as well.


Non payment will result in the team being suspended from the rest of the season and the playoffs.


Play downs, Semi Finals and Finals

Play downs: Two game series total goals. First game tie stands, second game tie, 5 minute over time, still tie 3 man shoot out

Semi Finals and Finals

Three game series. Best 2 of three. Tie in the first 2 games stands. Third game tie 5 minute over time, still tied 3 man shoot out.


League Personnel


John Sorrabella  President

781 893 5485


Rick Lannquist  Time Keeper Web master

774 994 2989


Head Referee

Chris Kinchla